Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Back in a Merlin, Part 1

My first day back started as predicted.

I awake in my pod. Battle Clinic tells me the last thing I did was lose a Thrasher. I'm mid-training to improve it's damage and I don't have any spares or any money.


There's a Harpy four jumps away but I'm feeling uneasy. I've returned during peak hours and I know one wrong move will see me podded. A Merlin looks like a better choice. I buy a single set of modules to equip my old friend and throw myself straight into null to see if I can still fly.

It wasn't arrogance, it was stupidity. A few jumps into null and I'm reminded of Appetite4Destruction and their gate camps. A Saber, Ceptor, Ceptor, Daredevil is a wicked way to remember I shouldn't fly null without scouts or guides. Lost the pod too, damn Saber. Thankfully I only carry basic implants.


So. I set myself a goal to ease myself back into PvP: 10 Merlins - 10 Good Fights

I'm overcome with happiness at the idea. It's a mini project with it's own start & end, and hopefully by the end of it I'll know whether I'm happy doing solo PvP or want to join a bigger corporation.

I have no disillusions - I don't mean 10 wins, just good fights.  Fights that I can learn from, be a better pilot at the end.

I've been reading about active shield tanks and how - if you're good enough - they can out perform buffer tanks. I want to become a better pilot. I need to learn to manual pilot, to switch ammo for different range advantages, all the skills I've blissfully ignored sat at my bubble in earlier life.

I force my hand by fitting an active shield. My advantage now comes with better piloting and longer fights. I can't just tank, spank & pray like I used to.

[Quarti's Merlin]
3x Light Ion Blaster II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster (Navy Cap Booster 50)
1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
2x Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Damage Control II
Small Core Defense Operational Solidifier I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I

It probably won't win innovative build of the year, but the numbers seemed fairly good. Now all I need to do is find someone to test it out on.

"Where's the closest FW region?"

Read part 2, here.

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