Friday, 15 May 2015

An all too familiar itch

I've been here before. I've never really understood why I get it, but over the years I've come to accept that I get it.

"The EVE Itch."

EVE Online. The game that has everything... the game that's always there when you need it. The game tha--

"Damnit, I've wasted so many skill points by unsubscribing these past 18 months..."

I suppose the question is. What would be "My EVE" this time around? I'm sure it'll start the same way as always... I log in, I find myself in a pod at a station... it was probably a particularly annoying death, on a particularly bad day, when I last stopped playing. I'll scoot over to my Raven, start doing some missions for a bit... and wait for the PvP bug to slap me in the face.

Easy. Except...

...then what? I'll have to find a part of EVE that I can play to win, that fits within schedule. Money less of an issue now but time very much an issue. I'm happy to PLEX my habit but what can I achieve in an hour here and there, that's the question I'll need to answer before I resubscribe.

I can't live in a wormhole. As much as I loved it, that initial "30 minutes chore", every single day. Scanning everything down. Making it as safe as possible. I'd barely have time left to leave the POS.

Maybe I could hunt in a wormhole. I'm sure there's a stealth bomber fit with probes that would work. Find an entrance in high, jump a few holes deep, sniff out the inevitable null sec connections. Maybe.

Bubbles. I do love bubble camping. Most similarly likened to fishing in my mind (not that I've fished since childhood). Setup your floats to alert you of activity, sit back, enjoy the breeze and wait. Deep breath. Definitely an option.

Corporations? Fleet Wars? I never really got into the fleet war stuff. It struck me as... well, Odd. I'm sure to someone new to EVE it's a brilliant way to start fighting. For me it always felt a bit like "Who are these people and why should I trust them?"

Corporations, sure. The best time of my EVE life was in a training corp down in null. I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit to other people in my EVE right now. I have no idea how often I'd play, whether I could commit to any meetings. Dunno.

Definitely food for thought! In the meantime, I've downloaded the client. Not subscribed though. Want a plan first. Wish I could get access to my profile offline (EveMon? EveHQ? People still use those? I must check!)... Would love to know the type of ships I can fly.

What to do, what to do...

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