Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Butterfly Effect

"Life in a Wormhole" is a collection of blog posts documenting my adventures in EVE Online. Together with a small group of real life friends we will attempt to survive in the harshest of space EVE has to offer.

Does anyone remember this trailer?

Blayzer and I logged into EVE on a Friday evening. It was Blayzer's first time in null (hey, if anyone's following the story - his character is Dietrich Blayzer, he's asked to be called Blayzer, not Dietrich).

We met a guy who seemed nice enough. Not necessarily trustworthy, but friendly. We got chatting. He had some bubbles, we had some bubbles. Rather than try to hunt us down, he invited us both to pool our resources. Was it risky to accept? Sure. We minimized risk by not fleeting up, the rest was a gamble.

Moments later, a Badger appears on scan that Blayzer and I catch - then hold - for our new friend to reach us. His act of friendship just netted him part of a 100 million kill mail.

"Not bad."

The next day, we see our friend again. He's already had his chance to kill us, so this time we fleet up. He asks us if we'd like to go on a roam around the nearby area. Why not. We set off towards a major trade route, taking a bubble with us just in case.

He has a friend nearby flying an interceptor. An ex-corp mate. I expect he has a lot of non-corp mates that he's befriended over the years, he's that type of friendly.

"Plus one fleet, Interceptor."

This guy has some intel, reasonably fresh. He tells us there's already two large fleets fighting it out at the place we're headed. Gate camped to max. Mr Intel probably just saved our lives. We change routes, headed into a cul-de-sac type area. Primarily Goon controlled, apparently they use it for ratting and won't be too happy we're intruding.

"Plus one fleet, Assault Frigate."

Another friend of our friend. A different corporation. This guy seems like more of a fleet commander. He starts to take control of our fleet, otherwise a random bunch of nomads. It's good that he came, our current leader's speech becoming increasingly slurred as he drinks himself into Sunday morning.

Mr Commander quickly picks up that Blayzer is unfamiliar to EVE and treats us both as newbies. I don't mind being re-taught things, I'll take all the information I can get. I learn about a new kind of fit, the Rapid Light Missile Launcher fit.

"Usually Caracals", he tells me. That might explain my loss to a cruiser from last week. Pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

"Plus one fleet."

Another friend of our friend. We're now five in total, but reasonably scattered. We fly around for a good few hours, Blayzer and I taking the opportunity to make ping spots and safes throughout the systems.

Mr Intel informs us that we've been spotted travelling through unfriendly territory. Apparently the Goons have formed a 10 man fleet, parked up in a system behind us, waiting for us to return home.

After a while longer, Mr Commander scouts us back through the pipes into a busy NPC system where we end our evening. I used to base in an NPC station over in Curse, yet after witnessing a station owned by Goons in Pure Blind I had presumed there were no dockable stations in this area. Obviously I was wrong.

So, the butterfly effect?

We started the weekend as one bubble camper and one newbie. We ended the weekend as five pilots, from four different corporations, sharing mumble, having fun. We've learnt a lot of the political intricacies of our area; and founded a new home. All because we started conversing in local, took a bit risk with an unfamiliar face and then saw where the evening took us.


  1. Great story and nice to see that this kind of stuff still happens despite all the overbearing mega-coalition politics

    1. Thank you :) Yeah it was a really nice surprise! I think the story would've been better if it'd ended in a huge battle & we took out 3 battleships with our frigate fleet. But alas, the realities of EVE :p