Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sometimes it's just not your night

So much red on my kill board :(
I managed to lose a tech 2 frigate, three faction frigates, and two pods carrying a set of standards & a set of basics, in return for a single Nemesis. It was not a good night. Read on for more...

I've been meaning to try out some new stuff in EVE.

  1. Firstly, I wanted to get out off the bubble, just for a few hours, check if I can find some viable PvP roaming around in a frigate.
  2. Secondly, I wanted to experiment with another ship rather than the Harpy.

Pro Tip: Don't try out two new things at the same time.

That's not strictly what happened. I got myself an Algos and a Merlin in FW space already! Still, I would hardly call myself proficient.

I set out in my Harpy towards more FW space. I wouldn't necessarily say I was trying to lose my Harpy - but there was a definite attitude of "once I lose this ship, I'm trying something else".

Self fulfilling prophecies suck. In fairness, it was a good fight. The Thrasher kept range on me while the Ishkur was pure tackle. I couldn't make a dent in it's armour despite my Blaster Harpy with Void. I did manage to switch out to the Thrasher, took some of his shields, but ultimately I was dead from first scram.

Time to test out a new ship: CN Hookbills. They're cheap enough, like 15 million each. I wanted to try a faction frigate & I wanted it to be Caldari for near max skills. So here we go. Brand new ship, reasonably new territory, what could possibly go wrong!?


Fight One

Totally screw up the range on this fight. My inexperience blatant. By the time I settled into orbit I was at 20% armor, hung around for a bit, but another few volleys took me into hull - so I bailed. I call it a draw.

Fight Two

An Incursus - who appeared to just decide he'd had enough and warped away when the going got tough. I read a lot about people fitting stabs to their FW ships, I believe I've just encountered my first one.

Fight Three

My first ship loss! Against two assault frigates. It's not an encounter I would've chosen, but that's my inexperience of FW hunting showing through. Despite the fail, I got on the kill mail for the hawk's future death, although I seriously doubt how much I helped from my pod.

Fight Four

A fellow CN Hookbill at an acceleration gate. He accelerated, I thought "Why not"

Notice how I didn't think "Now Dan, you're inexperienced in this ship - you've already lost one. Find another fight until you're feeling more proficient."

So Yeah, "Why not". I followed him in warp. He had a Merlin friend waiting for him - not of the same corp. I panicked. Majorly. I managed to Disrupt and Scram the Hookbill, then Dual Web the Merlin. It was a glorious fail.

Then something shitty happened. I lost my pod in Jita. I don't even know how, but regardless of the reason - a very fast locking Tornado popped me as I got the "Docking Request Accepted" notification. Just goes to show, you're never safe.


I took a breather. I needed one. I agreed that I liked the Hookbill, but if I was to continue flying it - I would be back at a bubble in null sec learning how to properly kill. Honestly that worked. I got myself a Nemesis and pod. That helped the pain go away a little bit. Plus (no offense at all to TEST, they're lovely guys) but it was TEST - that makes it taste even better.

This should be where the night ended, really. Or at least the story. Me, sat at my bubble, doing what I do.


It's a Friday night, isn't it. So daft old me, listening to EVE Radio, having fun, decides to go on a bit of a mini adventure! Up over to the CCP area where all the Goon guys hang out. It's not a roam, I'm taking a bubble - I just want to get a liiitle bit closer to the action. I got close to the action. So did my pod.

Sometimes, you just need to learn when to call it quits for the night.


  1. Its 4 times the same video...

    1. Hahah... You see, told you it wasn't my night >.<
      Fixed - Thanks!

  2. Thank you for these posts. In a scared newbie in high sec & can't wait to venture into null/low sec. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks bdias - nice to know people are enjoying what they're reading, particularly when it involves me losing a lot of ships :)

      My advice for trying out null/low: Get a cheap PvP ship and just go for it. Once you undock, accept you've lost the ship and just see how much damage you can do to a frigate. (And don't take expensive implants if you avoid it).