Friday, 2 August 2013

Retrying an FPS

My original genre of choice was first person shooter. While the (lack of) death penalty in an FPS could never invoke the adrenalin rush of EVE, there's an  insanely satisfying feeling of out-shooting your opponent. It's a zero-sum competitive match up that's hard to beat from a PC gaming stance.

Zero-sum? Where everyone is on an even playing field at the start of the match. You can all choose from the same group of weapons.  There is no advantage to be gained by playing more hours, spending more money, having more accounts. In contrast, MMOs are not zero-sum, because the more experience you have or the better equipment you gain prior to the match... gives you an advantage over your opponent before skill is taken into account.

My old COD4 clan "Haphazard" asked me to play in a scrim this week. Not so much asked (I'm giving myself too much credit)... it was more "it's a friendly, we're 1 short, there's a place available". I agreed, with the understanding that I hadn't played a PC FPS in years.
"I'm a bit rusty."

So the first game went pretty much as expected. In between forgetting how to plant the bomb and accidentally throwing grenades when I tried to switch to knife... I got a few kills. Mainly, I assume, by catching people off guard when I ran completely the wrong way - who would run that way!? Why would I check that corner!? That sort of thing.

But I soon got back into the swing of things! Second match was different. We won and I came 2nd place in my team. Felt good!

Spot the Merc.

On the back of it, I was invited to join {HC} on a more permanent basis. That is, get myself registered with their team - allowing myself to take part in the official league matches. As of writing, I'm now a member of one of their league squads. I do love a bit of competitive gaming!


  1. WTF people still play PC COD4? the 360 cod 4 is glitched and hacked to merry fuck :-( gotta get me some PC cod 4, soooo much better than any that followed

    1. Yeah it's still alive and well. The great thing about COD4, all the idiots have gone elsewhere & what we have left is a bunch of reasonably mature, reasonably sensible players. It's a little bit clique'y - because most of the clans know most of the others - but it can be very friendly :)