Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Plus Two-Hundred?

I've been in talks with an Alliance, they've invited Fates (Hey, that's my Corp!) to be a part of their plan. It brought up an interesting question...
"Just what do I need to know, before joining an Alliance?"

In fairness, they aren't the first Alliance to make a move. The way we play our game - aggravating people in null - it does attract attention. We are reasonably well known, within our little pocket of space; and we do get fairly regular invites to Ally with some of the bigger guys of the area.

But this time the invite is for a different reason. A real reason.

Onto current.  My other half has come back from iSeries and decided she wants to start playing EVE. Watched her mates playing and decided it looks like a lot of fun (more fun than when she watched me play, or when reading my blogs, apparently! Hah...)

Wait... Hang on. My girlfriend... wants to play EVE? Very happy Dan!

"I can't wait til I can shoot you! Hahahahaha."

Argh... Not so happy Dan.

This does not end well - you can imagine how the scene unfolds. She turns up in some ship with a few months of SPs, I take her down relatively easily, I'm an evil bastard, blah. Or worse, she kicks my ass and I never live it down (not happening).

So talks began for us to "be friends" in game, which naturally leads to the suggestion of moving Fates into their Alliance.

Problem is, you're putting a permanent mark on your Corp's history. You have to make sure it's the right move. If the Alliance turns out to have a bad reputation, you can't dismiss your involvement with them. It's there for all to see.

"Yeah I only joined them cos my girlfriend knows them IRL, LoLz."


Soooo, I have to responsible. It's not so much looking after our members (there really aren't enough to worry) it's about looking after The Name.

Here are the questions I've asked so far:

  1. What's the primary focus of your Alliance, are you PvE or PvP? Do you operate in High, Low, Null or Wormhole?
  2. Do you have any sort of Call To Action rules or Minimum Play Times that we'll have to abide by or are we free to log on as we please?
  3. Are you Enemies or Allies with any Corps or Alliances?
  4. Do you get War Dec'd at all? How often & who by?
  5. Is there a monthly fee to be paid for being in the Alliance?
I feel like their answers have given me an excellent understanding of the sort of guys we'll be dealing with. Certainly glad I asked. I'm very aware that the main motivator for the move is to avoid girlfriend aggro - so now I need to make sure I'm not being selfish; mull over their answers with my fellow corp mates; and hopefully come to a mutual decision.


  1. Oh man. Good luck on this decision. I'm happy my wife stays away from eve haha

    1. Haha, thanks for your support! It's an unusual scenario for me, too. I've always wanted my SO to game with me - but this will be the first time it's happened in a game I 'care' about. Hope any nerd rage (from either party) stays safely in game!