Thursday, 15 August 2013

Few Interesting Articles

I know that most of you reading this blog will have come from a blog list & that by that logic: you have access to exactly the same articles that I have. Despite that, I feel these few posts deserved a special mention.

First there's a post from Low Sec Lifestyle discussing the ideas of piracy being taken personally. When you take out another players ship and instead of taking it as "losing a ship in PvP" they some how feel like you were out to get them - them - not their ship. It's a good read. One that I'm feeling particularly empathic towards since I've become more active in local chat before & after my fights.

Next up a post from Loadout Optional exploring the future of eSports. I particularly enjoyed his ideas about how spectator sports are generational.  Today's spectators are yesterday's participants - eSports may not take off fully until our generation is no longer able to dedicate the time to playing their hobby, choosing to watch it instead.

Finally a post from the Art of War Alliance describing a recent roam. A great story about opportunity, the cost of flying unfamiliar fits & just generally about how successful you can be when you take a chance and go hunting in otherwise occupied space. Plus they took this crazy kill board away from the encounter!