Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pleasant Surprises

"Life in a Wormhole" is a collection of blog posts documenting my adventures in EVE Online. Together with a small group of real life friends we will attempt to survive in the harshest of space EVE has to offer.

"We're here!"

I'm talking to myself, as my trusty Buzzard finally docks into an old high-sec home.

From time to time, New Eden throws a pleasant surprise your way. Whether it's catching an unguarded Orca, mining away in wormhole space; stumbling on an un-looted wreck carrying BPOs; or simply escaping a harsh battle mid-structure.

Today, it would grant me another.

"Now, how do I open my ship hangar? There's my Drake! Wait, what's that?"

Seemingly, something had slipped my mind since the last time I was playing. There in my hangar, was a particularly shiny looking Raven - a Navy Issue Raven, no less. Fully equipped. Faction cruise missile launchers; faction ballistic control systems; a 1.2 billion ISK shield booster...

"Thanks, EVE."

It jogs my memory, I remember that somewhere between subscribing last time and losing my pod in a wreckless attempt at PvP - I hit these level 4 missions pretty hard.

I suppose I could sell this ship and buy 3-4 wormhole capable Tengus with my profits ; but that's not what this is about. I need to re-learn how to fly and the first step of that comes from running missions.

Although they've been considerably easier fights, in my shiny CNR.

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