Thursday, 11 July 2013

Healthy Balance

"Keep a healthy balance."

As with all things in life, balance & moderation are important. As gamers, it appears to be the never ending struggle: just how much gaming, is too much gaming?

I suppose at the bare minimum (if you are of human descent) you should be saving a third of your day for sleep; if you're an adult with bills to pay; you probably have another third at work; but it's this final third that you have the pleasure (or pain) of dividing up between family, friends, exercise and activity.

The problems start to arise, when our activity of choice is gaming; and that gaming (in certain genres) has no set time frame. I'm sure most people reading this, would happily sink 8 hours a night into their game of choice. Probably more so, borrowing some of their sleep time mid-week in exchange for a lie in at the weekend.

"But what of family & friends?"

I'm quite fortunate, in that from my years of gaming I've been left with a bunch of real life friends who game, as does my girlfriend. Not necessarily the same games, but at the very least enjoys the lifestyle, understands my social habits. So we meet up, we watch films, we go drinking, but for the most part I can maintain my relationships online.  When we do meet in "real life" we're as familiar as if we haven't spent a day apart.

But not all relationships work like that. Spouses in particular, even if you're lucky enough to have a gamer as your significant other (and especially if you don't), I promise you that talking on Skype isn't enough to fulfill the needs of both parties. You need to do stuff together. At the very least you need to be physically close to each other.

"So how do you pull it off?"

(...I hear you all ask, with baited breath...) Well for my part, I like to have dinner with my parents at the weekend - spend a few hours chatting, eating, grab a film or watch the football. Even when I lived miles away from them, I'd still drive back each weekend. It's "our thing" and I think it works very well.

My girlfriend and I take advantage of a weekly 2-4-1 cinema offer; and if both our weekends coincide (she has alternating shifts) I try to spend most of the weekend with her. It covers 3 days of the week, provides the intimacy we both need, while still giving me 4 evenings left to game til my hearts content.

Although in honesty, my heart is never truly content when it comes to gaming.

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