Friday, 19 July 2013

Exploring Null

"Life in a Wormhole" is a collection of blog posts documenting my adventures in EVE Online. Together with a small group of real life friends we will attempt to survive in the harshest of space EVE has to offer.

It's nice to get out of the Raven every once in a while. I take a break from running level 4 missions, exploring my assets scattered across the various stations. I spot a Harpy from my previous PvP days, not too far away. My palms start to sweat.

"Maybe I'll just go on a quick roam..."

Thirty minutes later, I'm headed to null sec with two mobile disruptors in my hold. Feeling good. I'm under no disillusion about the outcome... It's unexplored space to me, I have no bookmarks, no safes, I have no idea which are the major routes and how often or heavily they're guarded. Plus I'm rusty as hell. I'm re-jigging my overview settings while warping. I struggle to remember which velocity I care about. I settle for "all of 'em!".

Best case scenario? I take out a capsulseer, slightly pissed at previously losing his ship, mindlessly warping to my bubble, more than happy to take the pod express.

Worst case? I get podded entering the first system.

In theory, I should be flying my Buzzard. Scoping out the place ahead of time, spending a few nights there getting a feel for the traffic. But that isn't what impulses are all about. I'm about to fly stupid, again.

"Hello, Null Sec."

Jumping in, I get the distinct impression it'll all be over too quickly. The area loads, I'm surrounded by bubbles. Four medium bubbles, covering the majority of the gate, waiting for any non-stealther to pass by.

"Don't Panic."

I have a few seconds to act before my loading cloak wears off. First things first, are there any ships here? Yes, yes there are. But only 4 light ships. A camp of this size demands more. They will catch a battle cruiser at some point; and they shouldn't be able to take him.

"No mistakes now. Else it's all over: total worst case coming true."

Next check: am I actually inside a bubble? The random scattering of ships when you load, meaning a bubble camp can't accurately predict where you'll spawn... Actually, No, I'm just on the edge of a bubble. My first bit of luck.

The all-too-familiar adrenalin starts to rise inside me.
This is the feeling I crave.
This is why I returned to EVE.

There's a celestial sort of in front of me. It's not direct, but in a frigate it's close enough.

"Warp to 100km."

My ship comes out of cloak. I hold my breath. No failure to warp message. My new friends start to move towards me, it won't be long before they lock me.


Phew. Thanks Ship. I'm in. Now then, what treasures await in the hostile lands...

Part 2 is here...

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