Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Don't Fly Stupid

"Life in a Wormhole" is a collection of blog posts documenting my adventures in EVE Online. Together with a small group of real life friends we will attempt to survive in the harshest of space EVE has to offer.

It's a funny old world, New Eden. I don't consider myself an expert, not by any means, but I would say that I'm... "educated enough to not be stupid, most of the time". Yeah, that sounds fair.

There's a few errors that slip into my game play every now and then.  I love to leave my shield booster running once the enemy ships are dead, letting my savager alt do his thing & returning to a 34% capacitor (not a big deal, but hell-frustrating). I'm also quite fond (it would appear) of buying thousands of Tech 2 Cruise Missiles to fit in my Caldari Navy Launchers (let's just re-sell those and hope the accountant doesn't notice).

The safety margin in High Sec is considerably greater than when I used to fly Null. For this I am grateful, as the weekend's antics would've cost me ~30 million ISK in, ooooh - about 5 minutes.

You see, they've screwed around with my Merlin since I last played EVE. My Merlin, the 'Bucket of Doom' as I used to tag it, was amazing in frigate combat. Even as an amateur, I used to hunt. Even as an amateur, I used to get some kills way above my role.

The Bucket of Doom used to fit two Shield Extenders in addition to the standard Scram & Web. It used to have two Launchers and two 200mm Cannons. Combine that fit, with my previous year running missions in a Drake (max shield skills) - I had a very tanky frigate with some impressive firepower to back it up.

Not anymore.

I looked up a cookie cutter build on Battle Clinic. I always start there. As amazingly innovative as some people's fits are, I've had more success trying to master flying well, instead of flying different. That's just a reflection on me I suppose. I built it up (dropped the scram for a second web), then set out to join my friend doing his level 1 missions.

"8 Frigate Pirates ahead! Afterburners ON, get in web range!"

"Contact. Orbit close. Dual Web. Show 'em whose years of training ahead!"

"Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss."

An amateur looking rocket flies past my ship, 1-shotting a pirate. I follow the trail back to its origin, my 2 day old friend. He fires again, taking out a second pirate in a single volley. Then a third. Then a fourth.

"Miss, Miss, Miss."

What the hell's going on? Why isn't this working? I flip back to the build on Battle Clinic. 50+ ratings. Hmphf. Read the description. Rail Guns... Oops. The tracking with this build is horrendous, it's a kiting fit. A Merlin, Kite.

I turn off my afterburner.
"Scratch, Miss, Scratch."

I stop orbiting.
"Perfect Hit. Pirate Dead."

My friend, justifiably laughing at scoring more kills than me. Rushes ahead to the next gate. We warp in at 30km off contact.
"Perfect HitPirate Dead."
"Perfect HitPirate Dead."

I smirk, as my friend yells "How the hell? I can't even target them." - yet my smugness is short lived, as I realize the potential cost had I pulled a stunt like that in null sec.

I had taken a popular build and blindly copied it, assured of my proficiency at frigate combat, totally oblivious to the type of guns I was fitting. In short, flying like I had blasters.

I'm reminded of my very first lesson:
"Don't fly stupid."

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  1. My Tyson I packs a punch for a Kestrel with a novice pilot doesn't it? Once you were still you sniped stuff before I could even get in range. Good hunting captain.